Dr. Jeff Biskup


Veterinary Surgeon

Professional Experience:

  • Graduated from Ontario Veterinary College (DVM)
  • Rotating internship at the University of Illinois
  • Residency in Small Animal Surgery at the University of Minnesota
  • Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (DACVS)
  • Assistant Professor in Small Animal Surgery at the University of Tennessee
  • Assistant Professor in Small Animal Surgery at Oregon State University
  • Veterinary surgeon at Animal Health Partners, Toronto

Dr. Jeff Biskup is from London, Ontario. He graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 2009. After obtaining his DVM, he completed a 1-year rotating internship at the University of Illinois and then a 3-year residency in small animal surgery at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Biskup obtained board certification from the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2014. Dr. Biskup was a professor in Small Animal Surgery at the University of Tennessee for five years and then at Oregon State University for three years.

Jeff enjoys all aspects of orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, focusing on different cranial cruciate ligament repair techniques, fracture repair, total hip replacement, and abdominal procedures.

Jeff enjoys hiking, camping, and road trips with his partner in his free time. He also enjoys solo fishing.

Dr. Jeff Biskup

Recent Publications

Creheut TS, Tuduri PBDL, Biskup JJ. Biomechanical comparison of humeral condyles with experimental intracondylar fissures immobilized with a transcondylar positional or a lag screw: An ex-vivo study in dogs. Vet Surg. 2021;50:1443-1448.
Biskup JJ, Conzemius MG. Long-term arthroscopic assessment of intra-articular allografts for treatment of spontaneous cranial cruciate ligament rupture in the dog. Vet Surg. 2020;49:764-771.
Morgan KRS, Singh A, Giuffrida MA, Balsa IM, Hayes G, Chu ML, Thomson CB, Arai S, Smeak DD, Monnet E, Selmic LE, Cray M, Grimes JA, Morris T, Case JB, Biskup JJ, et al. Outcome after surgical and conservative treatments of canine peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia: A multi-institutional study of 128 dogs. Vet Surg. 2020;49:138-145.
Darrow BG, Weigel JP, Greenacre CB, Xie X, Liaw PK, Biskup JJ. Ex vivo biomechanical comparison of titanium locking plate, stainless steel nonlocking plate, and tie-in external fixator applied by a dorsal approach on ostectomized humeri of pigeons (Columba livia). J Avian Med Surg. 2019;33:29-37.
Gammel JE, Biskup JJ, Drum MG, Newkirk K, Lux CN. Effects of low-level laser therapy on the healing of surgically closed incisions and surgically created open wounds in dogs. Vet Surg. 2018;47:499-506.

Recent Presentations

Biskup JJ. Forelimb Lameness, Hindlimb Lameness and Imaging In Orthopedics. ACVS Surgical Summit. Portland, OR, 2022.
Biskup JJ. Gastrointestinal Surgery, Surgery with a Septic Abdomen and Wound Management. International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2022.
Biskup JJ. 1. Portosystemic Shunts; 2. Fracture Repair on a Budget; 3. Lameness Evaluation; and 4. Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture Repair. Congreso Veterinario de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico, 2021.
Biskup JJ. Hemimelia in Veterinary Medicine and 12-Month Survival of Intra-Articular Allografts for Repair of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture. ACVS Surgical Summit, Las Vegas, NV, 2019.
Biskup JJ. 1. Angular Limb Deformity; 2. Elbow Dysplasia; 3. Hip Dysplasia; 4. Brachycephalic Disease; and 5. Portosystemic Shunts. Klivet, Antalya, Turkey, 2019.